Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Test shoot with Ashley Cameron

I had such fun today test shooting with Ashley Cameron he's such an amazing photographer.
I was working on the lovely Alice from BMA models.
We did a range of looks starting from sporty to a more seductive smokey eye.
Ashley was so fun he ordered sodium nitrate or something scientific anyway which looked like ice and when you added hot water smoke started to appear. The effects looked crazy.

But yeah it was a lovely experience
The final images are gonna look fantastic.

Check out Ashley's website

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Make up for Style Revo TV

A few weeks ago my friend aked me for my services of makeup for a project called Style Revo TV, where celebrity stylist Alexis Knox was a feature host for the episode.

The theme of this shoot was festival fashion so the makeup look was really fresh faced with a splash of colour for the eyes.
I had such a fun day working with such an amazing group of people and it made me realise how much I missed doing make up and being in that environment.
Being around creative people is really inspiring and pushed me to explore more make-up avenues.

So in the next coming months, I should be posting up more of my work.
I hope you like it .

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

MAC mineralize skin finish- fantastic

This is the best product MAC created!!
I love the way it gives such a good glow to skin, but yet leaves a natural matte finish on the face.
Fantastic for just touching up throughout the day.
I occasionally use it as an eye shadow maybe as a base or sometimes just for a subtle eye colour.
This product comes in 8 different shades, the one I currently use is Deep Dark which works on my skin perfectly.
If you havent tried this product yet I definately suggest you try it.
It's a beauty must have.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

All things Drag

Drag Queen make up is my personal favourite , I just love the way how they can just change the dynamics of their face so dramatically. The results are so amazing that they can even look better (well at times) than real women. Drag makeup is the best way to learn how to contour and highlight the face.
My favourite Drag Diva has got to be without a shadow of a doubt Ru Paul (isn't she amazing) her makeup looks flawless and she oozes confidence. I wish they would bring the new seasons of RuPauls Drag Race back to England but I guess I 'll just have to keep up online.

RuPaul is 100% diva and I love it
I salute you!!!

I wish I was a rapper.....

"What is this .....Maybach Music...I like this Maybach Music....Sweet"

I wish I was a rapper and if I was I would love to be the first lady of Maybach music. I don't know what it is about Ricky Rozay but his style and persona is 100% on point.
This music collective are coming hard right now and have got a lot of club hits for the summer. I beleive one day I will have the pleasure of meeting them all .
I'm loving everyone on the team, even though I'm still a bit shocked that Rozay signed Omarion but I hope that he delivers because this is far from that primary school flex that he was doing with B2K like come on these are grown men, but we'll just have to wait and see.

Rick Ross looks better than Usher in this video LOL

"theres a lot of bad bitches in the building ...AMEN"

My first ever blog post!!
I'm quite excited actually, as I've been wanting to do one for ages.
I love all things with studs,glitter, shiny and evrything make up orientated. I dont actually have a clue what to write but  I'll see how it goes.
Wish me luck and I hope you enjoy XoXo